Introducing completely free CD-Ripping!

AudioCrusher is SysDesk's new CD-Ripper, no intermediate hard disk space eating WAV files, no quality exceptions - CD ripping without ifs or buts! - And it's completely free!

AudioCrusher is a program which allows you to extract digital audio from audio CDs and save the audio data in various sound formats such as MP3 and WAV for example. The audio is extracted digitally without any loss of quality. AudioCrusher supports on the fly normalization and a wide range of sound formats such as RAW Audio, WAV, MP3 via LameEnc, BladeEnc or the Frauenhofer Codec, AAC (via the faac encoder), Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio Lossless Compression and Windows Media Audio. More formats are available through the Audio Compression Manager or the Command Line Encoder interface.
The cdparanoia error correction mechanisms make it possible to create bit-exact copies of the audio data even from scratched CDs or CD drives which are prone to frame jitter.
AudioCrusher can get information on audio CDs through the freedb database and is able to create SFV-checksum files of the converted files to ensure file validity later on.
AudioCrusher gives the user full control over the ID3 tags which will be appended to the created MP3 files and can create WinAmp play lists with extended play list information.
AudioCrusher is highly configurable while it is still small and very easy to use. And best of all: AudioCrusher is completely free!

Some of AudioCrusher's features:

  • Direct CD ripping, no intermediate files for encoding necessary
  • cdparanoia error correction in order to make exact copies of the audio data
  • freedb support, now also through a proxy server
  • Supported formats: RAW, WAV, MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio Lossless Compression and WMA, more formats are available through the Audio Compression Manager or the Command Line Encoder interface
  • Normalization
  • Automatic play list creation with extended play list information
  • SFV-checksum file creation
  • CD audio playback functionality
  • Full customisable ID3v1 tag support for each track
  • Prelimenary ID3v2 support
  • WAV file tagging supported
  • CD-Text support
  • Filenames are fully customizable
  • Supports a wide range of CD-ROM drives


What's new in this release?

The current release is AudioCrusher 1.4

After a rather shameful amount of delays, here is at last another AudioCrusher release!
This release includes the great cdparanoia ripping mode developed by Monty (source code available under the terms of the GNU Public License 2 here) which allows to make exact copies of CD audio data even from scratched CDs. Furthermore, lots of improvements in the output format area: the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format is now supported via the faac encoder as well as Monkey's Audio lossless compression technology. The Audio Compression Manager (ACM) interface has also been sufficiently enhanced, as well as the LameEnc output module, which now supports Average Bitrate Encoding (ABR). CD drive support has been improved as well, along with a new interface for accessing CD drives.


Start making your own MP3s or archive your entire Audio-CD collection - download AudioCrusher here!

MP3 and other encoders

Additionally, if you want to make your own MP3s with AudioCrusher, you need to download an encoder. These programs are freely available, but due to patent restrictions cannot be distributed together with AudioCrusher. Ogg Vorbis is open source and free from such patent restrictions but in order to keep the AudioCrusher installation package small it is not included as well. All encoders can be downloaded through the link below.

Go to the encoder page to download an MP3 encoder!

Other languages

AudioCrusher supports multiple languages through user-customizable language files. You can add support for other languages by downloading the default template file here and translating each line of text with a plain text editor like Notepad. See the default.lng file for more information on how to make your own translations.
Please send all translations (just the language file) to so we can add them to the list of available languages!
In order to install an addtional language, download the specific language file below and save it to your AudioCrusher directory (i.e. where you installed AudioCrusher).

Currently available translations
Language AudioCrusher version Translator
Portuguese (Brazil) 1.3beta3 Euler German
French 1.3beta3 Cyril Brulebois
Spanish 1.3beta3 Rafa Guillot
Thai 1.3beta3 CyberTech Club, Sirindhorn Intl Inst of Tech, Thailand
Portugese (Standard) 1.3beta3 Luís Miguel Costa
German 1.3beta3 Tuxman
Slovakian 1.4 Marián Hikaník

AudioCrusher can be extended through a very simple output plugin architecture. An output plugin consists of a Windows dynamic link library (DLL) which is placed in AudioCrusher's main directory. The archive below contains instructions for building an output plugin as well as the source code for a very simple example plugin.

Download the AudioCrusher Output Plugin SDK (6 KB)



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