At last : The new AudioCrusher release! Perhaps the most delayed AudioCrusher version ever, 1.4 includes support for more output formats and the cdparanoia ripping mode, as well as more great features. Find more information about this release and download it here.


German translation available: Tuxman made an AudioCrusher translation to German. Download it here here!


And another translation: Luís Miguel Costa was very kind and made an AudioCrusher translation to standard Portuguese. You can download the language file right here!


Spanish and Thai translations: Rafa Guillot translated AudioCrusher to Spanish, and Arthit Suriyawongku and the people from the CyberTech Club at the Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thailand made a Thai translation. Many thanks to all of them! Both translations are available here as usual.


French AudioCrusher translation available: Thanks to Cyril Brulebois, there is now a French language pack available for download here.


AudioCrusher 1.3beta3 download back online: The AudioCrusher 1.3beta3 installation package is now available for download again. There should be no security issues with this package.


AudioCrusher 1.3beta3 download temporarily offline: The AudioCrusher 1.3beta3 installation package has been temporarily taken off the site due to a possible security issue.


Portuguese AudioCrusher translation available: A portuguese version of AudioCrusher is now available as a small update. Download the file here!


AudioCrusher 1.3beta3 released: This update hopefully fixes the configuration dialog instability problems. Get it here!


AudioCrusher 1.3beta2 released: Just a small update with some minor fixes and some additions to the manual. Get it here!


AudioCrusher 1.3beta is here!

Not really a beta version, this is more like a pre-release including almost all the new features which were supposed to be included in a normal release like native Windows NT/2000 and XP support as well as support for more CD drives and CD-Text. Download this much improved new version right here!


The encoder download page has been updated with newer encoder versions.


AudioCrusher 1.3 delayed, but be patient!

SysDesk is currently developing a complete eCommerce solution for a commercial company. This project has the highest priority right now, so unfortunatly, the next AudioCrusher release will be delayed some time. Please also allow some time for replies from the email support.

However, the new AudioCrusher release has already some great new features like native Windows NT/2000/XP support, so be patient!


AudioCrusher 1.2 released!

This new release has a whole bunch of new features including normalization and more output formats. Click here for more information!


SysDesk joins in a friendly partnership with Hydra Software

From now on SysDesk will be working together wit Hydra Software in order to improve each others projects towards our users needs.


AudioCrusher 1.12: This small update should fix a bug where the ripping process would stop without reason. Click here to download!


AudioCrusher 1.1 is here!!!

At last, the new AudioCrusher version is released! This version includes lots of improvements and bug fixes. Click here to find out more!


Attention Windows 2000 Users!!!

You have to install ASPI drivers first in order to use AudioCrusher. Go to http://www.winchan.net/aspi/index.html (thank you Gijs for the link!) for instructions on how to download and install them.


AudioCrusher 1.01: This small update should fix the CDDB request problems. Download it right here.


Problems, problems...! The download server was down again, all files were moved yet another time. Hopefully they will now remain there longer!

CDDB problems in AudioCrusher 1.0: Many people send bug reports about the CDDB function in AudioCrusher, were all CDDB requests would fail. I'm currently working on this and will release a fix (hopefully) this weekend.

Thanks to all bug submissions!


We had some problems with our download server. We moved all downloads to another sever so everything should work now.


AudioCrusher 1.0 released! - Finally the release version of the AudioCrusher CD-Ripper is out! Go grab this fresh download right here!


SysDesk is back! - With a completely new site design and a new AudioCrusher release coming up soon!


SysDesk is developing a software project for the upcomming internet company LottoTour. This commercial project has got the highest priority right now, so the next AudioCrusher release will be delayed some time. However the new release will add some great new features. CDDB support has been added, along with other new useful functions. I'll try to get a release ready for download as soon as possible.

Apart from this, a completely new site design is under way and the whole site will be redesigned soon.


Moved the whole site to a new host with more space and speed. I hope you notice a slight increase in speed! I've also updated the URLs on the download page to the new www.sysdesk.de domain.


NEW DOMAIN: www.sysdesk.de!!! Update your bookmarks and only link to this new URL. I finally got my own top-level domain and a sponsor for my site. Sorry, there's been not much new lately but: Be ready for the first release version of AudioCrusher 1.0!

Apart from this, there are also other projects in development, so there will be some more things going on here soon! Until then make sure you check out the latest BETA of AudioCrusher, our completely free CD-Ripper/MP3-Encoder!


Updated the download page with a now working link to the AudioCrusher BETA-3 files


AudioCrusher released! AudioCrusher is a freeware CD to MP3 ripper/encoder with high quality MP3 output. Take a look at SysDesk's Xmas release! At the AudioCrusher main page.


An update after quite a long time... Sorry I've been rather busy the last months. I will soon release some new projects, one will be a CD to MP3 Ripper/Encoder called AudioCrusher, which will be available soon. It is almost ready for a first BETA release, probably before the millennium.

Another project will be on the HP 200LX Palmtop. The Palmtop offers a very exciting and challenging development environment. Want to take a look at what the HP Palmtop is like? Visit palmtop.net, the largest 200LX site.


A new design! I hope you like it! I've used frames for a better navigation and some other enhancements. Please send me your feedback! The old site is still available at www.sysdesk.cjb.net/old/.


NEW DOMAIN!!!: www.sysdesk.cjb.net Update your bookmarks and only link to this URL. Moved the site to a new host to increase speed.


Released CBCONV, a small tool to convert *.dfm forms to *.rc files.

Its available here.

22.4.99: ...no, 27.4.99 really. I tried but my web space provider was doing updates for about a week :(

AutoPatcher BETA-0.5 released! AutoPatcher is a patch creation system which lets you make software updates for your own programs. Click here for more information.


Another site update. Fixed the margin problem in Netscape.


Changed the internal layout of the Web site and updated the projects page. The whole home page is a bit faster now, hopefully.


The CRT-Patch seems to work pretty well. I received some positive mails about it. If you still can't get your DOS program to work and you're sure its because of the CRT-Unit, let me know.


Small site update (Can you see it?)


Do your DOS programs crash saying somewhat like Runtime error 200 at 272F:0091?  This can happen because your CPU is too fast for some old Pascal programs. SysDesk has released a patch to solve this problem.

Download the patch here.


eMPire MP3 encoder front-end released. eMPire features easy handling and supports various encoders. Click here for more information.

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