What is AutoPatcher?

AutoPatcher is a patch creation system. It compares two files and will create a patch file in which just the differences are stored. This patch will be usually smaller than the existing files.
AutoPatcher creates executables consisting of a single file, so it is easy to distribute the patch over the Internet, for example.

Current Version

The current version is BETA-0.5.


  • Small patch file size, just the differences are stored
  • Single file executables, easy distribution
  • Current version supports DOS and Windows 95/98 executables
  • You can include an installation message within the patch

So it is easy to create updates for your software: the user does not need to get the whole new file, he will just need a small patch instead.


You can download AutoPatcher version 0.5 here: AutoPatcher-0.5.zip (106 KB)

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