What is CBCONV?

When I was fiddling around with Borland C++ Builder 4.0, I couldn't find a function to save my forms as Resource Workshop rc resources. So I sat down and wrote this small piece of program to do the job!
However, you can't convert dfm files directly. You have to convert them to text files first. Use convert.exe in the CBuilder4\bin directory to do this job.


CBConv-1.0.zip (41,5 KB)

How to use

At the command line type

cbconv <input file> <rc file> <header file>

...were <inputfile> is your .dfm file (converted to .txt, see above) and <rc file> is the converted .rc file. <header file> is the file were all the symbol definitions will be stored.

What CBCONV can't do

At this time CBCONV only supports the standard controls like buttons, labels, edit fields, listboxes, check boxes etc.
The coordinates in a .dfm form are somewhat different from .rc files. I used a dirty hack (well if you can call it like that) to convert the positions. So the layout might be a bit different.
I made this tool only to convert my form layouts, so don't expect a miracle!
If I have the time I might add support for more controls and menus etc.

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