Current Projects

AudioCrusher CD to MP3 ripper/encoder

AudioCrusher is a freeware CD Ripper with complete ID3 tagging support and lots of other features like freedb support, CD audio playback, automatic playlist generation and more.

Go to the AudioCrusher main page.

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Older Projects

These projects are currently not developed any further. They are still available (and very useful!) though. Support still is available, too.

The eMPire MP3 encoder frontend The CRT-Patch
eMPire features easy handling and supports Fraunhofers L3Enc as well as Xingtech's TOMPG.
Release date: Available at the eMPire main page

Do your DOS programs crash saying somewhat like Runtime error 200 at 272F:0091? This can happen because your CPU is too fast for some old Pascal programs. SysDesk has released a patch to solve this problem.

Release date: Go grab it right here!

AutoPatcher patch creation system CBCONV *.dfm form converter
AutoPatcher lets you easily create updates for your programs. It generates very small files because it just stores the differences.

Where to get it? Right here!
CBCONV is small tool to convert Borland C++ Builder *.dfm forms to generic Windows *.rc resource files.

Click here to get it!


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