Download 3rd Party Encoders

In order to make MP3 files with AudioCrusher, you need an MP3 encoder. Some very good MP3 encoders are freely available on the internet, but due to patent restrictions these cannot be distributed with AudioCrusher.
The new Ogg Vorbis format is open source and free from any patent restrictions, it is available here as well.
You can download the supported encoders right here. In order to install them, open the ZIP file and unzip the included DLL file into your AudioCrusher directory. The encoder will be listed in your output format list the next time you start AudioCrusher.

MP3: LameEnc

LameEnc is a very fast MP3 encoder with good sound quality. It supports variable bitrate (VBR) and Joint Stereo.
Visit LameEnc's homepage at

After downloading this file, unzip the included lame_enc.dll file into your AudioCrusher directory!

Download LameEnc
Filename Size Version

MP3: BladeEnc

BladeEnc is also a very good MP3 encoder. It is not as fast as LameEnc and does not (yet) support VBR and Joint Stereo. BladeEnc was the standard encoder in the BETA version of AudioCrusher.
Visit BladeEnc's homepage at

After downloading this file, unzip the included bladeenc.dll file into your AudioCrusher directory!

Download BladeEnc
Filename Size Version 82,5 KB 0.942

AAC: faac

AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding and is, like MP3, an MPEG standard. It mainly comes in two different flavours: MPEG2 and MPEG4. It is supposed to yield better compression ratios at equal or even better quality than MP3. From the standardization perspective, AAC is the successor to MP3, however, it is by far not yet as well established as MP3 is.
Judge for yourself, you can make AAC compressed audio files with AudioCrusher with the faac encoder from

Note: Due to patent restrictions, we cannot supply any AAC encoder binaries. The source code for the faac encoder is freely available at, though. Unfortunately, you will either have to build the needed libfaac.dll yourself or do some smart searching around the internet...

Ogg Vorbis

Ogg Vorbis is a relatively new format. It is comparable to MP3 with respect to output quality and size. Fortunately, Ogg Vorbis is open source and free from any software patents like MP3. AudioCrusher uses an Ogg Vorbis interface developed by A. Key (source code available).
Visit the Ogg Vorbis homepage at

After downloading this file, unzip the included vorb_enc.dll file into your AudioCrusher directory!

Download Ogg Vorbis
Filename Size Version 99 KB 18/10/2000

Monkey's Audio Lossless Compression

Monkey's Audio is quite different from the other encoders in the way that it does not alter the sound quality in any way. The sound will always be bit-exact to the original after decompression. Using Monkey's Audio, it is possible to achive compression ratios of 1:2 or even better, depending on the audio data.
You can visit the Monkey's Audio homepage at

Download Monkey's Audio
Filename Size Version 659 KB 4.06

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